What Are The Different Butter Types?

Butter Types

What Is Butter And How Is It Made?

Many people are completely oblivious to where butter is derived from and how it is made. It would interest you to know that bitterness is gotten from cows and other livestock like sheep.

Essentially, butter is derived from a churning process that involves the milk of cows and sheep. Just like milk, different butter types can be found in nearly every home. It is used extensively in the preparation of a wide variety of meals.

Butter is a soluble part of milk that is derived after the churning process is completed. Nonetheless, you will require a significant amount of milk to generate a comparatively lesser amount of butter.

The taste of butter is always very palatable. However, it is expected that there could be variations based on where the cow or cows were reared.

Over the years, butter has been hijacked by many imposters that claim to be butter. People have been misinformed into thinking that margarine, for instance, is butter.

This assumption could be further from the truth as any other form of spread that is not derived from the process explained above is not butter. You will find that there a “plant-based butter” that has flooded the market and our shelves.


Different Butter Types

Butter is particularly delicious and it is applied to enhance the taste and palatability of a wide variety of foods. It is quite common to see that various butter types are used in the preparation of tasty dishes.

However, it should be noted that vegetarians will never have butter because it is a product of animals.

As a substitute, vegetarians often opt for “plant-based butter.”  The prevalent use of bitter in cooking is attributed to the fact that is very delicious and it has the capacity to accentuate the taste of any meal.


Over time, peanut and almond have gained a lot of popularity as a great source of butter types. It is often eaten in combination with peanut butter and jelly and makes for a great meal.

The compatibility of peanut butter and jelly has become so widely known and appreciated that there is rarely anybody who hasn’t had a taste of the combo.


If you haven’t heard or tasted apple butter then it safe to say that you must be living under a rock. It is very convenient to make. There is also garlic butter which is great for a variety of meals. You can always have butter on your popcorn.

When you consider the extensive variety of butter that exits, It becomes clear that you can always make create personal butter. For the process, you can simply put some cream in a sanitary quart jar, and shake convulsively for a well over a half-hour time period.

This process will be followed by introducing some salt after which the butter would be left to become solid.


Benefits Of Using A Butter Warmer

For the best results, an electric butter warmer can be used to warm the shea butter before application when trying to get rid of skin patches. Electric butter warmer is also used to warm shea butter before application on the skin in cases of inflammation.

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