Butter vs Margarine Facts Exposed

butter vs margarine facts

What is The Difference Between Butter and Margarine?

Owing to the increasing amount of diversity when it comes to butter, it becomes very difficult for most people to tell the difference between traditional butter and margarine apart.

With a sweeping variety of plant and fruit-based butter that has been created over the years. Only a few individuals are able to discern between butter and margarine. In this exposition, we will clarify butter vs margarine facts.


  • First difference: The foremost difference between butter and margarine is adequately described by Leslie Fink. When he explained that while butter may have some unsavory effects on health, it is much safer than margarine. While butter has been described as being dangerous to the cardiovascular system, margarine has far worse effects in compassion.


  • While butter is noted to have a lot of saturated fat which in fact may be hazardous to the cardiovascular system especially with its effects on cholesterol it should be noted that margarine is much more lethal. Even though it contains polyunsaturated fat and stays intact for a longer period of time. It produces high amounts of dangerous trans-fat which could also have severe ramifications on the heart.


  • Margarine has compensated for its trans-fat problem as there have been decisive steps to eliminate trans-fat from margarine. Following investigations on hits very lethal effects on the cardiovascular system. Currently, margarine is a whole lot safer and healthier. They have even been fortified with sterol which helps reduce cholesterol.


Final Statement

After reading through, you may still be having a hard time understanding butter vs margarine facts. If you belong in this category, this closing statement would help clarify.

The composition of margarine includes water, oil, and yolks. In some cases, lecithin is used as a substitute for the yolk.

In addition to this, there are spices that help bring out the flavor in butter. These spices include organic tricarboxylic acid. In some cases, a lemon is a fantastic option with a little quantity of sodium chloride.


When you consider how far margarine has gone to eliminate any form of harmful content in margarine. It becomes clear why it is often suggested as a preferred option.

It should be noted that while it may be almost impossible to eliminate every trans-fat from margarine, trans-fat has been lowered significantly.

If you are wondering if your butter warmer or electric butter warmer would work well with margarine, you can be sure that it will.


So now that you know that margarine is much safer than butter. You can always get your butter warmer and get ready for some delightful margarine spreads.

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