Quick And Easy Homemade Butter Recipe

easy homemade butter

Many people are often fascinated with the prospects of being able to produce butter in their homes. However, they are often under the impression that it is a very difficult and complicated process and this puts them off from trying.

For the easy homemade butter all that is required to know what materials are required as well as what utensils you will need.


When attempting to produce butter in your home, you will need a mixer and a food processor.

However, for those who don’t have a food processor or a jar with a snug cover will work just fine.  Many people do prefer using a jar as opposed to a food processor because of the convenience of sanitizing afterward.


Easy Homemade Butter – Let’s Get Started!

The first step in the right direction would be getting premium-grade milk. It is advisable that you stick to wholesome milk if you have the chance to get it. Once you have your milk ready, the next line of action is to put milk in a container and start with stirring slowly.

After a while of slow stirring, it is expected that the milk would begin to congeal.  An adequate explanation for what is happening at this stage is that the milk is starting to leave the butter.


This process will persist until tiny pieces of butter start floating. This would be followed by placing a sieve to withdraw the butter from the milk. It is highly recommended that you put the milk in a separate place where the milk can be utilized for a different product.


You Are Almost Done!

Now that you have extracted the butter, you will have to pour clean water over the butter.  The goal of this procedure is to eliminate any milk that may be leftover and that could cause the butter to decay at a fast rate.

After you have eliminated all of the milk, the next line of action would be to craft your butter into your desired shape and then place it in a refrigerator for cooling.


Although this process is quite demanding to apply when you are trying to engage in culinary operations. You can be sure that it is well-suited for various spreads. Do not hesitate to give it a shot, it is perfect for spreading on bread or biscuits.


Step By Step Guide To Easy Homemade Butter

  • Get your milk into a container and stir steadily until the fat is extracted from the milk usually for a period of 8 minutes.
  • Through the use of a net-like sifter extract and remove the watery parts
  • Retain butter in the sifter and pour chill water to eliminate any remaining milk
  • Allow the butter some air for proper solidification
  • Put butter in a container and keep it in the refrigerator


A typical full cup of milk would create a half cup of butter. Ultimately when you follow all of these procedures, you will have yourself an easy homemade butter.

Now that your butter is ready to serve, you could use your butter to spread evenly on your bread and other meals.


However, it is often advisable that you simply use your electric warmer to make your butter suitable for a good spread. Do not forget to relish the taste!


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